Add or Update a CCR Position

Do you want to add a new position to the Co-Curricular Record or update an existing position? Read through the following steps to find out more. 

First, please ensure the position you are submitting is eligible for inclusion on the CCR. For new activities to be approved on the CCR must meet the following criteria:
  • The position must be on-campus activity or be attached to a campus department, club or faculty
  • Students must complete a 20hr minimum over the calendar year (May 1 – April 30)
  • The position can be paid, however, the function of the job must be focused on student engagement work (ex. Community Advisors in residence)
  • The students receive no academic credit or incentive for completing it
​A club, validator, staff member will have to download and submit the New Position Form to (using the subject line "CCR: New Position/Position Update) and have their new positon approved before students can add it to their personalized record.

Make sure to read through the Sample Position Description on our website to use as a guide when writing or updating your Position Description. 

Questions can be directed to using the subject line "CCR: Question" for more information. 

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