About the CCR


The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is the University of Calgary’s official document that recognizes a student’s out-of-classroom experiences. Out-of-classroom is defined as any activity that occurs outside of the classroom, lab, practica, or internship, but which is still connected to the university. The U of C is the first university to establish a Co-Curricular Record in Western Canada. The CCR is being funded through a Quality Money Grant from the University of Calgary Students’ Union.

Engage: Pursue opportunities on campus

The Co-Curricular Record provides a massive database of extra-curricular opportunities to get involved in and take your learning beyond the classroom. Add positions to your own Co-Curricular Record along with individual learning outcomes to record your own unique University story.

Earn: University recognized credit

Receive an official University document validating your efforts and involvements on campus.

Expand: Network and market your skills

Take your Co-Curricular Record beyond University and use it to showcase your skills and experiences to potential employers and graduate programs.
Want to learn more?
Check out the Co-Curricular Record FAQ here

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