About the CCR

What is the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)?                                                                                                                             

The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is the University of Calgary’s official document that recognizes a student’s out-of-classroom experiences. Out-of-classroom is defined as any activity that occurs outside of the classroom, lab, practica, or internship, but which is still connected to the university. The U of C is the first university to establish a Co-Curricular Record in Western Canada. The CCR is being funded through a Quality Money Grant from the University of Calgary Students’ Union.


What will be recognized on the CCR?

There are a multitude of activities and positions that will be recognized on the Co-Curricular Record.  Such activities include student leader roles held in student clubs or organizations, or any position that contributes to the overall student experience outside of the classroom. 


All activities listed on the CCR must be connected to on-campus activities, or be directly linked with a U of C department, faculty, the Students’ Union or Graduate Students’ Association. As well, only those activities for the 2008-2009 year forward will be recognized and recognition will only occur within the year the activity took place. In addition, you must complete 20 hours over the course of a year in order for an activity to be recognized on the CCR.


How does the CCR work?

The CCR website ( https://leadership.ucalgary.ca/home.htm ) will enable you to create an account, and record your activities online. Once you have recorded the activity, a validator (staff, faculty member, or designate validator within each club/for each activity) will confirm the activity. You will also have the ability to print out your own CCR, and specifically tailor it to the particular job or school you are applying to.


In addition, the CCR website will act as a clearinghouse of student involvement activities that will list thousands of ways that you can get involved. You’ll be able to search by the number of hours you have to give, or by the type of activities that interest you.


Go to the My Record tab to start adding positions to your CCR.


How will the CCR benefit you?

The CCR has many benefits, which include providing graduate and/or professional schools, as well as potential employers with a window into your involvement outside of the classroom. When coupled with your academic transcript, the CCR will provide a holistic view of the your overall student experience at the U of C that can help set you apart from the competition when you graduate.



How do I create my CCR?


Go to  https://leadership.ucalgary.ca/home.htm to sign-in to/create your CCR. Signing-in creates your CCR instantly.


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