2017 Deadline
May 12th, 2017 – Last for students to add positions to their Co-Curricular Record for the academic year.

What is the CCR?
The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a University recognized and accredited transcript of extra-curricular activities that you take part in. The CCR furthermore allocates learning outcomes to each individual activity to further enhance the accreditation of all your student engagement activities. In pursuing opportunities on and off campus the CCR is an excellent supplement to resumes and CVs.   
Is the CCR Mandatory?
No, the CCR is not mandatory for any student nor is it a requirement to graduate. However, it is an incredibly useful supplement to have upon graduation.
What is the purpose of the CCR?
  • To recognize, encourage, and celebrate meaningful student involvement
  • To supplement students’ academic experience with recognition of their engagements outside of the classroom
  • To provide a database of engagement opportunities so that students may search for further involvements
  • To enhance student self-awareness in their involvements through learning outcomes 

What are the benefits of the CCR?
  • Provides students with a University validated and accredited transcript of their extra-curricular initiatives while at the University of Calgary
  • Provides students a platform to express their skills and abilities, especially in pursuing volunteer/job opportunities and further education.
  • Gives students a tangible tool to allow them to critically reflect on learning that occurred through their involvements
  • Actively contributes to higher levels of student engagement at the University of Calgary 

What types of activities are recognized on the CCR?
For new activities to be approved on the CCR must meet the following criteria:
  1. The position must be on-campus activity or be attached to a campus department, club or faculty
  2. Students must complete a 20hr minimum over the calendar year (May 1 – April 30)
  3. The position can be paid, however, the function of the job must be focused on student engagement work (ex. Community Advisors in residence)
  4. The students receive no academic credit or incentive for completing it
A club, validator, staff member will have to download and submit the New Position Form to lead@ucalgary.ca (using the subject line "CCR: New Position/Position Update) and have their new positon approved before students can add it to their personalized record. For a sample of what your position description should look like, read through the Sample Position Description

Can I submit one position for all Executive positions within my student club?
No - you will need to foll out the New Position Form for each position within your club (e.g. President, VP External, VP Communications, etc.). Please ensure that you fill out each of these positions and their relevant learning outcomes and submit them to lead@ucalgary.ca.
I do not see an activity I participate in on the CCR database. How do I get it added on?

Students are able to request to have new activities added to the CCR database by filling out an activity form (available from November 1st - March 31st of each academic year). New activities intended for the CCR must be added before March 31st of each academic year. The request will then be approved by the CCR Team if the activity form is filled out correctly and that the said activity is in line with CCR recognition policies.
I submitted an activity to the CCR before, but that activity no longer exists or needs to be updated. How do I do this?
If an activity needs to be deleted please email lead@ucalgary.ca specifying the activity. If an activity needs to be changed please email details of the change (e.g. description, hours, etc.) to lead@ucalgary.ca and the CCR staff will make the requested changes
How do I access my Co-Curricular Record?
Simply go to www.leadership.ucalgary.ca and click on the big, white “LOGIN” button and sign in with your eID. 
What is the difference between an activity and a position?
‘Activities’ are holistic categories that will have several positions within them that students can add to their record. For example, “Club X” would be an activity that would have several positions within it, such as “President,” “Vice President,” etc. So, students will then add positions to their records and not activities. However, if you started a new club or notice an activity that is not on the CCR you must add the activity (as directed above) and then submit individual positions to be added under the activity (i.e. if you started a club you’d have to add the Club name as the activity and then submit individual descriptions for each position).
How do I add a position to my own CCR?
Once you login with your eID there will be a button on the dashboard overview that says “Add an activity to My Co-Curricular Record.” Click on that and you will be directed to your own CCR where there will be a blue button that says “Add a position to my record.” From there you will be able to search for positions currently ion the database. When you select a position its specific details will appear, and you can click on the blue button at the bottom of the page “Add Position to My Co-Curricular Record.” From there it will either be approved or denied by that position’s specific validator.
How do you check which activities I have been involved in?
Each activity has a validator (often a staff member with UCalgary) who keeps track of the hours and amount of time students have been involved with activities. Positions associated with SU sanctioned student clubs are tracked based on end of year reports submitted to the clubs office, so it is important to ensure hours submitted in these reports are accurate, or some students may have positions denied on their CCR.

Am I able to add activities that I participated in in previous years to my CCR?
Unfortunately the CCR system only operates on a year-by-year basis, and as such students are unable to add activities from previous academic years (e.g. if the current academic year is 2015-2016 you would be unable to add an activity/position that you engaged in in the 2014-2015 academic year).
What are Learning Outcomes on the CCR?
Learning outcomes are attached to every position you partake in on the Co-Curricular Record. They are beneficial and unique as they provide insight to beneficial experiences with each position, which can then be associated to many transferable skills.
My questions have not been answered here. Who can I contact?
Please contact lead@ucalgary.ca for any other questions, concerns, or inquiries that you may have! 

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